[mythtv] Need help with frontend seg fault

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Jul 27 00:20:24 EDT 2004

Jerry Rubinow wrote:

>Running with valgrind gave me the following output (at end of this post).  Line 153 of mptegts.c is 
>   tss->end_of_section_reached = 1;
>which seems like it would be an invalid write, if anything, not an invalid read.  In any case, I don't know enough about this mpeg decoding code to know if this is an indication of a serious error.  Being new to Myth, I don't even for sure whether this could be some kind of configuration error rather than a bug (well, sure it's a bug since it causes a seg fault, but I mean something I could make go away by changing something in the configuration options).  Unless someone has any better suggestions, I would guess that two things I should try first would be:
>1. Get someone to try playing my data file in 0.15 and see if they get a seg fault, in order to determine whether it's just me.
>2. Try upgrading to the cvs code and see if the error goes away.
>Would anyone be willing to try out my 250MB data file and let me know the results?
>I'd welcome any other suggestions people have.  
I'm no expert here, but, the mpegts.c is a libavformat source file.  
This means that the source comes from the ffmpeg project.  The line you 
quoted there is under a heading of invalid_crc.  One thing you might try 
is to play this file through mplayer and note if it segfaults there.  
I'm thinking that if this problem truly lies in the libavformat part of 
the code that it would be best to submit the appropriate bug 
report/sample to the folks over at ffmpeg and see if they can uncover 
the root of the problem (they are nearing a point release as I 
understand it) and incorporate the fix into their code which Isaac will 
ultimately then incorporate into MythTV.


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