[mythtv] [PATCH] ALSA threaded/buffered rewrite

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Jul 26 17:35:56 EDT 2004

David George wrote:

> Kevin Kuphal wrote:
>> David George wrote:
>>> About the time this was committed, I haven't had audio output on 
>>> either of my Myth systems.  Been busy with work and stuff lately so 
>>> I haven't had much time to look at it, but I have been 
>>> troubleshooting it the last couple of days.
>>> Kevin, what kernel version and alsa version do you have this working 
>>> on?  It may help me track down my problem.  I am using kernel.org 
>>> 2.6.7 with patches and alsa 1.0.3 that comes with FC2.
>> I'm on 2.4.20-31_38 RH9 and looks like I'm using 1.0.5a.  I'm not on 
>> the latest CVS but from a little while back around when the last 
>> patch for this was comitted.  I'm starting to wonder if maybe the new 
>> a/v sync code might have affected this so I'll probably upgrade to 
>> CVS soon once I finish the status stuff I'm working on.
> I downloaded 1.0.5a from alsa-project.org and tried it.  Everything is 
> working correctly now.  I was hoping to get it working with the 
> default FC2 packages, but this works for me.
Interesting.  If this proves to be the case for others having issues, it 
would appear that this would be an ideal update to the documentation 
pending the next release to indicate the necessary minimum version of ALSA.


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