[mythtv] recordedmarkup table, commercial flagging,

Geoffrey Hausheer mythtv0368 at phracturedblue.com
Sun Jul 25 18:28:30 EDT 2004

On Sun, 25 Jul 2004 17:23:40 -0400 (EDT), Chris Pinkham wrote:
> > transcoded to mpeg4.   The question is, I guess, are these left-over
> > vestiges of the original mpeg2 recroding?  Or does avformat decoder
> > generate MARK_GOP_FRAME for nuv's too? (the mpeg2 GOP is bascially
> > equivalent to a key-frame in nuv..I know the GOP contains header info
> > too...)  Since the number of MARK_GOP_START frames increased once I
> > commercial-flagged my (already  transcoded) mpeg4 nuv streams, I
> > assumed that avformat decoder was generating them.
> avformatdecoder isn't used for nuppel format files, only mpeg2 files, so
> if there are GOP entries in the DB for a file after the file has been
> transcoded, then the transcoder isn't cleaning up the table properly.
Yes, I forgot that.  For some reason I was thinking that since avcodec
is used for mpeg4 decodinng, that it was coming from avformatdecoder,
but obviously it's not.  Which makes it really odd that the
recordedmarkup table grew so drastically.  I'll have to look into this
more I guess.  BTW I ran mythcommflag from the command line to flag
all of my past recordings.  not  that  this should matter.  And as a
side note, it'd be nice if mythcommflag would obey the 'commfree'
field in chanid, instead of just being used for freshly encoded

> If you turned on auto-flagging and restarted the master backend, then Myth
> would have automatically flagged the 5 newest recordings so it could have
> added in GOP records into recordedmarkup for those recordings if they
> were still in mpeg2 format.
None of my programs are in mpeg2 format, and as I said, I ran it
standalone.  New programs might make more sense (since commflag runs
before the transcoder).
> > Yes I know all about KEYFRAMES, I am wondering why MARK_GOP_START is
> > getting generated for mpeg4 nuvs when I run the commercial flagger
> It shouldn't be.  Are you sure they aren't left over from flagging the
> original file?
no I'm not, however the number of MARK_GOP_START changed drastically
before and after running mythcommflag (over a 24 hour period)

> I think most info (if not all) info in the recordedmarkup table for a
> recording should be removed after transcoding except possibly for the
> commercial skip info if the cutlist was not applied and it is a straight
> transcode frame-by-frame.  As you say, blank frames and scene change info
> could be off by a frame or two potentially and they aren't really needed
> anyway if a commercial skip list is present.  The commercial skip list can
> be off by a couple frames and not be a big deal.
Yeah, I'll add a patch to do so, that's really what I wanted to know
is if this would break anything.


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