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Nick Hall mythtv-dev at nickh.net
Sat Jul 24 19:53:15 EDT 2004

>>> I'm pretty sure I'm getting the same error from tonight's CVS - 
>>> startup mythfrontend, select any option on the main screen and I get 
>>> a segfault.  The backtrace looks pretty much identical to yours.  
>>> I'm using the G.A.N.T theme in this instance...
>> For now I've reverted to 1.81 on my local tree which works fine.
> I also have the same problem with the latest CVS (20 minutes ago).  
> Select anything from the main menu and immediately get a segfault.  I 
> am using G.A.N.T.
> Reverted themedmenu.cpp to version 1.81 and everything is working again.

I've taken a quick look at this, and the problem appears to be in the 
following loop at themedmenu.cpp, line 1946.

    for (unsigned int pos = 0; pos < lastbutton->action.count();

During handleAction(), the internals of the QStringList 'action' get 
messed up, so that you get a bad pointer deference in 
'lastbutton->action.count()' causing the segfault (see the {sh = ... } 
bits below):

    Breakpoint 2, ThemedMenuPrivate::keyPressHandler (this=0x8252688,
        at themedmenu.cpp:1946
    1946                for (unsigned int pos = 0; pos <
    Current language:  auto; currently c++
    (gdb) p lastbutton->action
    $1 = {<QValueList<QString>> = *{sh = 0x833c720}*, <No data fields>}
    (gdb) n
    1949                    handleAction(lastbutton->action[pos]);
    (gdb) n
    1946                for (unsigned int pos = 0; pos <
    (gdb) p lastbutton->action
    $2 = {<QValueList<QString>> = *{sh = 0x1}*, <No data fields>}

I haven't managed to find the actual cause yet...

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