[mythtv] [PATCH] ALSA threaded/buffered rewrite

David George david at thegeorges.us
Sat Jul 24 14:00:52 EDT 2004

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

> At the suggestion on the list here a little while back, I took the 
> time to basically duplicate the OSS audio code (threading, buffers, 
> etc) into the ALSA functions.  I've tested this on my system and I can 
> playback with my audio device as ALSA:spdif with no studdering or 
> jumping but the audio is not in sync with the video and I was hoping 
> someone here that understands such things more than I could take a 
> look at it.  I'm no ALSA expert nor am I an audio expert.
> Anyways, here are the two files attached.  This really seems to be 
> close to providing a workable native ALSA interface.  I'm sure I'm 
> just missing something obvious (probably because it's 2am) and I hope 
> someone here can find the problem and fix it.  Once the audio is 
> synced up it should be another easy task to combine these two 
> codebases using more common code/classes for the threading and 
> buffering since their differences now are minimal.

About the time this was committed, I haven't had audio output on either 
of my Myth systems.  Been busy with work and stuff lately so I haven't 
had much time to look at it, but I have been troubleshooting it the last 
couple of days.

Kevin, what kernel version and alsa version do you have this working 
on?  It may help me track down my problem.  I am using kernel.org 2.6.7 
with patches and alsa 1.0.3 that comes with FC2.

If I come up with a solution I will send a patch as a few others on the 
users list have also report troubles with the 2.6 kernels.


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