[mythtv] [Announce] Experimental DVB patch.

Anders Hanson anders.hanson at speedo.nu
Sat Jul 24 10:44:20 EDT 2004

That was much better :)

I'm having big problems with my Viaccess CAM ans MythTV!
When changing between two encrypted channels I get a CAM menu
that I have no right to watch the channel even that I have and the newly
tuned channel works but I can't change to any other channel.

When using VDR I only get the 'no rights' menu when I actually tune to a
channel that I don't have access to.

I'm not that familiar with the DVB source in either MytTV or VDR so my
conclusion below can be totally wrong, but I think it's worth checking out.

I've looked in the source for both MythTV and VDR and I think I have
found a difference when changing channels.
In VDR the live tv is stopped and the pids removed prior to tuning the 
to the new channel. In MythTV the live tv recording is running while the 
is tuned (what I can tell from the source) and hence the CAM will have 
the wrong
pids (for the old channel) when the frontend is tuned and the recording 
is using the new

Kenneth Aaflųy wrote:

>On Saturday 24 July 2004 04:12, Anders Hanson wrote:
>>I  tried to test your latest patch but I noticed that stream.h/cpp and
>>osdtypeteletext.h/cpp are missing from libmythtv.patch. They are marked
>>with ? in the patch, probably because you
>>have missed to do 'cvs add' on them.
>>Anders Hanson
>Thanks, I've uploaded a new set a little while ago, which has the new files in 
>a compressed tar.
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