[mythtv] Re: Recording(?) group default

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sat Jul 24 00:39:41 EDT 2004

> >Each frontend already remembers the last group viewed if you have
> >"Save current Recording Group view when changed" turned on.  I thought about
> >using this as the default group name to use when creating new scheduled recordings,
> >but think it would be best to create a new setting called "DefaultRecordingGroup"
> >that was declared the same way as "DisplayRecGroup" in globalsettings.cpp.
> >  
> >
> I was hoping to avoid having yet another config option and just have to 
> save the last recording group used to make a recording with.

There's already an explicit default for a few other options.  I'd actually like to
see a "default record table" set of values that would be used as the defaults
whenever you created a new scheduled recording entry.  For instance, I might want
my defaults set to:

autoexpire   = ON
maxepisodes  = 5
maxnewest    = OFF
startoffset  = 5
endoffset    = 5
recgroup     = "Lori's Stuff"
dupmethod    = "Description"
dupin        = "recorded and oldrecorded"

This way my wife would have some reasonable defaults when she created new
scheduled recordings from the frontend in our living room.

Some of these already have defaults such as autoexpire, but it might be nice if there
were just a set of defaults to use for new scheduled recording entries.  One way (maybe
not the best, but the first thing that came to mind), this could be accomplished is
by adding a new RecordingType enum entry of kDefaultOptions = -1 and adding a "hostname"
field to the record table. Rows with type = -1 could be ignored by the scheduler and
the normal scheduled recording editor could be used to edit the default entry.

The hostname field is there so you could have different defaults for each frontend
so if you have 3 roommates each with their own frontend, their new recordings could
automatically be setup to go into their own personal recording group.  Also, when I
schedule a recording from mythfrontend on my computer, I could have AutoExpire set
to OFF by default since I'd rather expire my wife's recordings she setup from
the living room rather than expiring my programs. :)

Just an idea I thought I'd toss out that I've thought about a little lately.




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