[mythtv] Re: Recording(?) group default

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Fri Jul 23 18:49:46 EDT 2004

> >In the advanced recordings screen, record group is the item on the right side,
> >record profile is the item on the left side.  I want to set a per-frontend
> >default value for the group (right side).
> What if each frontend remember the last recording group that was used 
> and made that the default when you scheduled the next recording?  Anyone 
> see any major problems with that?

Each frontend already remembers the last group viewed if you have
"Save current Recording Group view when changed" turned on.  I thought about
using this as the default group name to use when creating new scheduled recordings,
but think it would be best to create a new setting called "DefaultRecordingGroup"
that was declared the same way as "DisplayRecGroup" in globalsettings.cpp.

That way it would be a per-frontend setting that would allow users a little
bit more control over where to create new recordings at.  A user might not want to
put all new recordings in the last group they viewed, so giving a separate option for
the default group to use would be preferable.  I think I made a post recently
on one of the lists about something like this, but may be remembering something else.
I do have a note in my TODO about it and it would be really easy to implement,
just copying/renaming the "class DisplayRecGroup" declaration and then using
the new "DefaultRecordingGroup" value as the default group for new items.

If you add this, please make the default be "Default" (in English) if the user
doesn't have a "DefaultRecordingGroup" defined.  "Default" and "All Programs" are
stored in the DB in English to allow users to change display languages but still
retain the proper recording group settings.  They are displayed in the user's
selected language.



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