[mythtv] vps once again...

maestro waggawagga at gmx.net
Fri Jul 23 13:31:16 EDT 2004

Am Fre, den 23.07.2004 schrieb Michael T. Dean um 01:23:

> Yes, but I would recommend signing up for the others, too.
hm guess you're right. done that.

> Basically.  Although a user can choose to use any version of the ivtv 
> drivers (I'm using ivtv-0.1.10pre2-ck100b, for example), MythTV was 
> written to support users of the stable version of the ivtv drivers.
ok got that.

> ... until ivtv 
> releases a "stable" 0.1.10 version (i.e. a version that is intended for 
> general use by all end users, for distribution by packagers, and for use 
> as a basis of development in other projects), MythTV is being developed 
> for use with ivtv 0.1.9.  
i know it belongs to the ivtv mailing list but you seem to have (a
little) insight there: do you have any infos when such a stable release
will happen,
and won't it be 0.2 since in the readme states 0.1 isn't developed
actively anymore. (i think that interferes with ck's efforts doesnt it?)

> Knowing which version to use requires a lot of 
> homework on the end-user's part, so Isaac, et. al., want to ensure that 
> MythTV users can just install ivtv 0.1.9 if they're more interested in a 
> working PVR than in actively following development of the ivtv drivers.
seems reasonable to me.

> Also, among these driver releases, there have been many changes to the 
> API (the calls other programs make to the drivers to interact with the 
> cards), 
stable api is always good, means less work if the api doesnt change.

> So, for all practical purposes, ivtv-0.1.9 is the most current driver 
> version available because all other versions are development versions 
> not intended for general use.  So, if you can create VPS support that 
> has no effect on users of the 0.1.9 drivers (not to mention users of 
> non-ivtv-based cards) but that just works if the VPS data is available 
> (possibly with a switch to enable/disable VPS support), you might be 
> able to convince the main developers to include that patch in the main 
> branch.  Otherwise, you might have to wait for ivtv-0.1.10 (or ivtv 
> 0.2.0).  Also, I think the BTTV cards support VBI, so in theory, if you 
> write the VPS code generically enough, it can be used for BTTV cards and 
> for PVR-x50's.
hm it seems as if the vbi support in the newer ivtv drivers is already implemented.
i posted a msg on the ivtv list on this topic and awaiting answers.
so if it would be (re) implemented to work with 0.1.9 and mythtv it
would probably only live until ivtv > 0.1.9 is released, (because it
will then be supported by the driver) the mythtv - changes may persist
if they work with the new drivers or will need to be reimplemented. that
sounds like doing work twice doesn't it?

> BTW, you'll make many more friends on this list if you reply to a post 
> by adding to the bottom (bottom-posting) or by responding to parts of a 
> post "inline" as I did.  And, it's always a good idea to trim the 
> extraneous material from previous messages.
thanks for the hint. i'll try to bear this in mind for my future
postings (guess this one's ok?!)

so long

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