[mythtv] OSD don't display bidirectional languages right

Shaul Kedem shaul_kedem at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 23 09:36:35 EDT 2004

Hi all,
 First let me say mythtv is a great application, one
of the top apps for linux, you've done a great job.

 As to my problem.. I have tried querying the
mythtv-users mailing list and channel, the faq and
this mailing list for answers, but came empty handed,

 In its essence the problem is very simple: while in
EPG hebrew is displayed as it should, from right to
left in the OSD it is displayed from left to right, so
"shalom" will be "molahs".

 I am using the latest version of the CVS (protocol
12) and have started investigating;
 First I thought it might be something to do with
QString so I hunted down the two places in which EPG
queries and fills the list for programinfo and where
OSD sends and receives the program info from the
backend, Then I printed a list of the the unicode
codes of a specific program as it is received in
osdtypes.cpp (where the SetText function fills the
info for OSD) and in programinfo.cpp, where the epg
fills info -
 both lists of unicode codes were exactly the same, I
conclude from that that QT receives the same string to
show, but it shows the info correctly in EPG and the
reversed in OSD.
 (btw, only hebrew get reveresed, if I am using the
browse feature in the OSD I can see english in the
right order)

 Anyway, this leads me to think that the EPG data
blocks (the ones with the title) use a different set
of settings or widgets than the OSD.

 Have anyone witnessed this problem? Is there a fix?
How come it works in EPG and not OSD - Is this to do
with the settings of the widgets?

 Thanks in advanced - I'd be happy to help out with
any tests you would like to conduct (I am a developer


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