[mythtv] vps once again...

Henk Poley hpoley at dds.nl
Fri Jul 23 05:51:12 EDT 2004

Op vrijdag 23 juli 2004 11:22, schreef Lucas Meijer:
> >>Making a recording stop when receiving the next vps is pretty
> >>straightforward. But when do you start? In order to receive vps's you
> >>need to be tuned into the channel. So you should already have a card
> >>listening for vps before the show starts. How much before? an hour? 3
> >>hours? a day?
> >
> > By the standard, a day (if i'm informed correctly). And from your other
> > remarks I suspect you already knew that ;)
> Actually I didn't.

Google for 'VBI (PDS OR VPC)' and you can find out more than you would ever 
want :>

> The problem I see is just how to code this into myth. 
> What if we have a card listening for the vps, but then a user starts
> watching livetv on another channel? or when I have 3 recordings
> scheduled on one day, each on a different channel. One at 16:00, one at
> 18:00 and one at 20:00..   I would need 3 cards in order to detect the
> vps's..

Yups, though VPS/PDC is retransmitted every .. , dependant on channel, 5 
minutes seems to be normal if I remember correctly, which might well not be 
the case.

> Another concern would be on what to do if the program gets moved an hour
> back, and because of that now conflicts with another (possible also
> vps'd) recording.

Well that's something for the scheduler, just 're-run' it when some data 
changes. btw, off topic, but I'm away for 10 days in a minute or so. Have a 
nice discussion.

	Henk Poley <><

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