[mythtv] [PATCH] Updated System Status

Steven Cruysberghs steven.cruysberghs at tiscali.be
Fri Jul 23 03:41:34 EDT 2004

Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> This patch contains my initial revision of an updated system status 
> screen.  It currently reports the mythfilldatabase status from the 
> original screen as well as a basic tuner status list indicating the 
> state of each tuner (watching tv, recording) and if recording, what it 
> is currently recording.
> I plan to update this again in the near future with more detail and more 
> items but wanted to get this to the list for comments/suggestions and 
> any fixes for problems I might have made.
> Includes one diff against CVS and the two new files for mythfrontend
> Kevin

About the status screen.

If you run mythfilldatabase with the --file option the last run and 
returned status fields aren't filled in the database.
So you get the message like (can't check them right now but it sounds 
like this) "You have 5 days of program guide data" and below it "There 
might be a problem with your program guide"

This is probably an easy fix in filldata.cpp but not easy enough for me :-)


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