[mythtv] Re: Recording(?) group default

Jeff mythtv at maniclogic.org
Tue Jul 20 22:06:44 EDT 2004

On Tue, 20 Jul 2004 09:54:13 -0700, Jeff wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> [.Originally sent this to the users list - got no reply - figured that maybe
>> it was the wrong audience...]
>> Have created a second frontend for the kids to use and would like to have
>> their new recordings segregated into the recording group I set up for them.
>> I know that it can be changed in the advanced recordings screen, but is
>> there a way to set a specific default recording group for their frontend?
>> I've got them using the simple record (non-advanced) screen and want to
>> avoid having them struggle through all the options.
>> I looked through the "settings" table in the database and saw some possible
>> candidates but am not sure if they were correct.

> I don't think so. The recording-group stuff lets you specify a given
> set of rules on a per backend granularity. I don't think it maes
> sence to set it on a per frontend granularity (I assume you want to
> change it to use 'LiveTV' or 'High-Quality' or 'Low-Quality' instead
> of 'Default'?). In this case, what you want is to change the
> 'Default' profile for a given frontend (profile groups are used to
> configure settings for a given card (or class of cards)) They aren't
> attached to a given recording, but instead are looked up when the
> recording begins.
> So what you want is to add some code that will associate a profile
> with a frontend when the recordinng is defined. I'm not precisely
> sure where that code would go (havn't looked at this stuff for a
> while), but I think that finding a convenient way to configure it
> might be a bit challenging.
> .Geoff

Thanks for the reply, but I was talking about recording groups, not recording
profiles.  Groups, as in group view (Default, All Programs, and any that you
add).  The groups that show up when sitting at the "Watch Recordings" screen
and you press [M]enu to change group view, etc.

In the advanced recordings screen, record group is the item on the right side,
record profile is the item on the left side.  I want to set a per-frontend
default value for the group (right side).

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