[mythtv] recording profile combinations

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Jul 22 17:43:26 EDT 2004

Chris Petersen wrote:

>> Really would be easiest for you to go through the source -- the 
>> settings code constrains all values to legal ones properly, and 
>> you'll want to copy that exactly if you're going to reimplement things.
> gotcha, so nothing stored in just one spot.
>> I don't really think the codec settings belong in mythweb.  I 
>> certainly don't want to have yet another thing to have to update 
>> whenever something minor changes in the main code, and this is a 
>> situation where getting out of sync could seriously break things for 
>> people.
> Yeah, although it shouldn't be too hard to deal with if not many 
> changes are going in.  My problem is that I want a way to look at all 
> of the options within "software encoders."  I have a tendency to end 
> up with default, live tv and high quality all being pretty close to 
> each other, and it's slow work to copy these back and forth from 
> livetv while testing, and the transcoders group once I establish a 
> good set of parameters (since I want my cut commercials not to get 
> reencoded at different bitrates)
> However, if you feel that it'd be too much stress to maintain, I'll 
> stop working on it.  I just figured that there'd be some easy struct 
> somewhere that described what each thing did, since in the database it 
> just seems to be name/value pairs.

Just an idea but maybe there is an opportunity to extend the backend 
protocol to support querying the backend for these settings or ranges so 
that instead of recoding them into mythweb, you can request what the 
current code has from the backend and not duplicate things...


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