[mythtv] RE: [PATCH] Mythnews. URL escaping on the command line

Dick Smits dick at toughnet.net
Thu Jul 22 15:50:32 EDT 2004


As requested the mythnews patch resubmitted.
PS. Is the preferred method for patch submission now bugzilla or still this

Original bug-report:

When processing RSS feeds with mythnews I sometimes get a URL in the feed
that contains the characters
";" or "&". When you press the ENTER button mythbrowser is called to display
the newsarticle.
The does not work when these characters are present in the URL. The
myth_system call used for this needs the escaped string (a la shell).

Example myth_system argument from nu.nl RSS feed:
/usr/bin/mythbrowser -z 115 http://nu.nl/news.jsp?n=360482&c=61

This should be:
/usr/bin/mythbrowser -z 115 http://nu\.nl/news\.jsp\?n=360482\&amp\;c=61

This patch adds that to mythnews.cpp.
I'm not a c++ and/or QT coder, so the patch may be not the best solution.

Dick Smits
Zoetermeer, NL

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