[mythtv] vps once again...

maestro waggawagga at gmx.net
Thu Jul 22 15:17:58 EDT 2004

hi all,

i just subscribed to the mythtv-dev mailing list and wanted to append to
the former vps thread but since i dont have an email to simply reply to
i have to start a new one. (can anyone tell me how to appand to an
existing thread without having an email of it)

ok now to the reason i'm writing:
i posess a hauppauge winpvr 250 setup allright with mythtv up and
running (took me some time). i live in austria, one of the countries
using the vps signal (besides germany, switzerland and the netherlands,
and 2 chanels in france afaik). i'd like to know if anyone has made any
attempts to include vps support into mythtv, if not i'd like to start to
work on that, anyone who's interested to help is welcome just drop a
line. i found some code like denoted in the earlier vps thread on 
it's gpl, but does not yet compile with gcc3.3 (debian/sarge)

btw. does the hauppauge pvr 250 support vbi, as this is mandatory for
receiving vps signals i hope it does.

so long

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