[mythtv] Autoexpire bug in 0.15

Mr. James Purl fabulous at jamespurl.com
Wed Jul 21 22:36:58 EDT 2004

After over a year of enjoyment using MythTV, I finally found a very tiny way 
to give a little something back.  Since I use MythTV in "production" (I have 
a total of 3 boxes dedicated to myth and a slave backend on another), this 
patch applies to (at least) 0.15, or specifically 0.15.1-r1 as it was 
packaged by gentoo.  It is a small fix for the "Delete oldest over max" 
function (and maybe others), when the target program resides on a slave.  It 
appears that DoHandleDeleteRecording does a comparison against 
ProgramInfo->hostname to determine where the file is.  However 
GetProgramFromRecorded doesn't populate that field.  The attached patch (in 
diff -u format) adds a few lines to ~/libs/libmythtv/programinfo.cpp to query 
the hostname from the DB.  I only tested that this successfully autoexpired 
files wherever they were.

BTW, before this patch the master backend would spit out "Strange, file..... 
doesn't exist" errors on programs existing on a slave.  It would remove all 
the SQL data and leave the file orphaned.  Thank goodness for 

I don't wanna rock the boat right now with CVS myth, so I didn't test against 
that, if one of you Devs could be so kind.

MythTV rocks and my thanks to Isaac and all the rest of the Devs for such an 
awesome package!.  MythTV is a great demonstration of what open source can 

-= james purl - 
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