[mythtv] Interesting bug in Mythmusic (major crash)

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Wed Jul 21 21:20:09 EDT 2004

Since enabling the LCD stuff in Myth, and updating to CVS of a few days 
back I get a really nasty crash in Mythmusic.

Basically when you are playing music, then hit 3 to edit the playlist, 
make a minor change and hit cancel it locks up the whole app. 

Now I just tried to use gdb to get a trace of where it's dying, but even 
that appeared to be locked up as well.  Issuing a killall gdb did kill 
it, but a "killall -9 mythfrontend"  just removes 2 processes and leaves 
the other two hanging around...  In fact I have repeated this several 
times with and without gdb and I can't find any way to kill the app 
short of a reboot - it just won't die...

The only clue seems to be that as far as I can see it requires that 
specific code path, ie be playing something, then go and make a trivial 
change to the playlist and exit.  Simply going in and out of the edit 
function doesn't seem to trigger it.

Any ideas?

Ed W

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