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John Sturgeon john at sturgeonfamily.com
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Brandon Beattie wrote:

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| For the second item, that may be true.  The station tech I spoke
| with just said he came from the east coast and everyone out there
| basically said you should only use program ID 1 for the main HD
| channel and if you are only doing standard def the acceptable thing
| was to use program id 2 instead, and reserve 1 for when they go HD.
| All my stations out here also follow what he said with the
| exception of 1 that's using program ID 1 for standard def, and 3
| that don't have anything on program ID 1 and are broadcasting in
| standard def on program id 2.  The sad thing is it appears that
| there is no standard that everyone will probably agree on and
| follow.  Using id 1 for station information sounds really good, but
|  I don't see anyone out here following that.  The one station that
| appears to have program information is running it on 34-7 here.
| --Brandon

That seems to be what they're doing out here in Portland.  Most of the
stations put their HD content on Program ID 1 and SD on Program ID 2.

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