[mythtv] bugfix patch for XvMC deinterlacing

Steve Bower sbower at cisco.com
Wed Jul 21 09:43:10 EDT 2004

> I wrote:
>> I've recently been having an issue with hdtv playback where I only
>> get audio for a few seconds (2 or 3), then silence for 10-15 seconds,
>> then audio for a few more, etc.  Haven't investigated much since I'm
>> accustomed to using xine for my playback.

>>>>> "Doug" == Doug Larrick <doug at ties.org> writes:

Doug> You definitely need "extra audio buffering" for HDTV.  Is it on?

Yeah, I've tried it both ways with no change.  Interestingly, with
Daniel's patch, it works both ways on 1080i, just not 720p.

Doug> Also, "use video for timebase" is currently pretty broken for HDTV
Doug> (though my vsync reimplementation patch fixes it).

Pretty sure that's off too.  I think I saved your patch, so I'll apply
that and test it when I can.

I need to sit down and fiddle with the settings.  ISTR things working
better in 0.14, but that's one of the things I'm going to experiment
with.  Hopefully tonight...  :-)


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