[mythtv] bugfix patch for XvMC deinterlacing

Steve Bower sbower at cisco.com
Wed Jul 21 08:35:03 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Thor Kristjansson <danielk at cat.nyu.edu> writes:

Daniel> I think I may have fixed the lack of XvMC poor-man's
Daniel> deinterlacing for 1080i content. SetVideoParams was never being
Daniel> called with kScan_Detect.

Daniel> This patch should fix it for MPEG files. Please let me know if
Daniel> it works for you as I don't have HDTV 1080i content to test
Daniel> with.

This works WONDERFULLY for me!  :-)

I've recently been having an issue with hdtv playback where I only get
audio for a few seconds (2 or 3), then silence for 10-15 seconds, then
audio for a few more, etc.  Haven't investigated much since I'm
accustomed to using xine for my playback.

Anyways, this patch makes 1080i content play back perfectly, including

Got some more research to do on my sound issue for the other
resolutions, but this patch is definitely a winner.

BTW, if you want a sample 1080i stream, I can put one up somewhere for


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