[mythtv] Recording(?) group default

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Jul 20 23:04:29 EDT 2004

> Have created a second frontend for the kids to use and would like to have their
> new recordings segregated into the recording group I set up for them.  I know
> that it can be changed in the advanced recordings screen, but is there a way to
> set a specific default recording group for their frontend?  I've got them using
> the simple record (non-advanced) screen and want to avoid having them struggle
> through all the options.
> I looked through the "settings" table in the database and saw some possible
> candidates but am not sure if they were correct.
> Thanks.

There's no way to do this currently, but I can see 2 ways this feature could
be added or implemented.

1) Create a new frontend setting called something like "DefaultRecGroup" that
	would be the default Recording group used for new scheduled recordings.
	I think this is currently hardcoded to "Default" in
	libs/libmythtv/scheduledrecordings.cpp, although looking at the code, there
	looks to be a bug in that code because it saves the translated version of
	"Default" to the database instead of English.  I'm testing a fix for this

2) Instead of adding a new setting, the current "DisplayRecGroup" frontend
	setting could be used.  That's the default display group that is used
	on the Watch Recordings and Delete Recordings screens.  If this setting
	was used for this purpose, new recordings would always be put into the
	group you were last watching.  This isn't as nice of a solution but would
	work in your case.

I prefer #1 and made a note to check into this sometime if noone else
gets to it first.



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