[mythtv] channels.conf-import

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Tue Jul 20 01:32:27 EDT 2004

On Jul 12, 2004, at 10:33 PM, Mark Howells wrote:
> I notice that this script sets the service id to zero.
> It uses the last value of channels.conf as a TPID but the source code 
> (scan.c) outputs this as the serviceid.

	linuxtv-dvb-apps-1.1.0/util/scan/dump-zap.c does always output
video_pid, audio_pid[0] and service_id as the last three fields.

	I can only assume that the channels.conf file has had a few
different tzap output formats over time. Maybe Malcolm can remember?

	I have corrected that, added czap (i.e. DVB cable) parsing,
removed manual channel inputting, and slightly tidied up the script.

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