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Henk Poley hpoley at dds.nl
Mon Jul 19 01:39:44 EDT 2004

Op zondag 18 juli 2004 23:19, schreef Dick Smits:
> Hello,
> When processing RSS feeds with mythnews I sometimes get a URL in the feed
> that contains the characters ";" or "&". When you press the ENTER button
> mythbrowser is called to display the newsarticle.The does not work when
> these characters are present in the URL. The myth_system call used for this
> needs the escaped string (a la shell). 
> Example myth_system argument from nu.nl:
> /usr/bin/mythbrowser -z 115 http://nu.nl/news.jsp?n=360482&c=61
> This should be:
> /usr/bin/mythbrowser -z 115 http://nu\.nl/news\.jsp\?n=360482\&amp\;c=61

Hmm, this should be fixed, in 'real world applications' this is called a 
remote code excution exploit...

	Henk Poley <><

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