[mythtv] MythMusic and FLAC tags

Vince Busam vince at busam.com
Sat Jul 17 21:19:32 EDT 2004

Before I go through the trouble of setting up to build MythMusic from source
(currently using ATrpms), I thought I'd check on this.

I have created a flac file using the flac command and adding tags using
the -T option.  When I open the file with foobar2000, it shows my tags.

When I bring up the file in MythMusic it makes creates its "tag info" from
the directory and filename instead of the tags in the file.

In looking at flacdecoder.cpp at line 468, it looks like title.isEmpty()
will always be true since title hasn't been changed since it was declared.
Thus the "tag info" will always be created from the filename and directory.
The else clause will never be executed.

Does this look like a proper analysis?  Is so, I may try to make time to fix
and test - and submit a patch.  (Don't hold your breath.)


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