[mythtv] Commercial flagging and the cut list

Lincoln Stein lstein at cshl.edu
Sat Jul 17 15:30:58 EDT 2004

Hi All,

A few weeks ago I was using the CVS version of myth, and I discovered that the 
automatic commercial flags were getting automatically copied into the 
cutlist, which I thought was a great feature.  I could go into "edit" mode, 
see where the commercial cuts were, and tinker with them.

I was running into problems with the viaslice playback, however, so I reverted 
to mythtv 0.15 and this feature disappeared.  Now I'm using the CVS version 
again (Kenneth having fixed the viaslice problems) but the commercial to 
cutlist feature didn't come back.  I swear it was there before!  Am I seeing 
a corrupted database?

Let me know where I should look to track this down.


PS: I sent the maintainer of mythvideo a patch that automatically steals a 
frame from the video in order to generate a cover image if there isn't one on 
IMDb.  However, I never heard back from him.  Is this something that other 
people would like?

Lincoln Stein
lstein at cshl.edu
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
1 Bungtown Road
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724
(516) 367-8380 (voice)
(516) 367-8389 (fax)

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