[mythtv] [ANOUNCE] MythBuild - Build Scripts

duane no-name duanexbox at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 17 11:40:08 EDT 2004


I'm back after a long time dealing with other stuff. I
have a package/module I'd like to contribute, and
like some comments on it.

proposed name: mythbuild
size: Very small 10K tar.bz2 file.
could also be placed inside of a contrib directory

purpose (1): sort-a-like "linux-from-scratch" but for
MythTV. It is a bunch of make scripts that automate
building MYTHTV and various prerequiste packages from

purpose (2): adjunct to section 5.5 of the 'installing
and using MythTV documentation" but covers more of the

It currently builds:  
   alsa, ivtv, lirc, lame, xmltv, freetype,
   mythtv, mythbrowser, mythmusic, mythgallery
   mythgame, mythnews, mythvideo, mythweather

NOT: mythdvd (pre-requisite issues)
NOT: mythweb (not really a 'buildable' thing)

I could post it to the list - I'd rather not. If
anybody is interested in looking at it - email me
privately, I'll email it back to you. (SIZE: 10K


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