[mythtv] Watching Live TV & method TV::GetChannelInfo getting called every second

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Thu Jul 15 14:31:44 EDT 2004

On Thursday 15 July 2004 02:10 pm, Tako Schotanus wrote:
> Isaac Richards wrote:
> >On Thursday 15 July 2004 12:43 pm, Buechler, Mark R wrote:
> >>Admittedly, I'm working with a two day old copy of CVS but I've seen this
> >>for a few weeks now. I see on my backend mysqld running at 45-55% CPU and
> >>the frontend taking more CPU than it should as well. I tracked it down to
> >> a SQL statement running every second getting channel information while
> >> watching live TV.
> >>
> >>I was wondering if anyone might know why
> >
> >LCD info updater.  I didn't realize it was going every second, I'll bump
> > it up a lot, or actually, now that I look at this, I don't think it's
> > thread safe at all..
> Sorry, had no idea that GetChannelInfo would hit the database so much.
> It did this every second so you could see program info changes while
> watching live tv.
> So now I've got two questions because I really want this to work (and
> I'm not the only one for sure).
> 1. Is there a way to get this channel information without hitting the
> database so much? (Is there a function that does local caching of the
> results for eample?)

Why not just check every minute or so, instead of every second?

> 2. Why isn't it thread-safe? I tried to model the LCD code as much as
> possible on the OSD code thinking that if it was okay to update the OSD
> it would probably be okay to update the LCD as well. But if you can tell
> me where/how it can go wrong I'll fix it (or at least try to).

Timers are in a different thread than the rest of the code in tv_play.cpp.


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