[mythtv] Tracking viewing habbits & making suggestions

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Thu Jul 15 13:26:54 EDT 2004

I personally think an online database of the viewing habits of 
myth-users would be nice, stricly anonymous of course..

something to the effects of "people that watched this show also watched 
this show" "would you like to record it?"

and just typical stats of most watched show etc.. no learning involved 
in the procedure just the social aspect.


Tommy Faasen wrote:

>I have seen previous suggestions for Mythtv making suggestions using
>statistical or baysian rules.
>Has it been attempted before that there is a central repository where
>mythtv can put it's viewing habits into?
>This in order to
>-Suggest tv shows based on similar interests from other users
>-Suggest tv shows that are really popular.
>-This could be regionally based (but doesn't have to)
>Do people think this is a good idea?
>I can imagine some people having privacy issues, but it doesn't have to
>be linked to personal data, which isn't in mythtv anyway.. (it could
>always be a switch)
>Looking forward to your suggestions,
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