[mythtv] [PATCH] vsync reimplementation

Kristof Pelckmans kristof.pelckmans at antwerpen.be
Wed Jul 14 08:02:20 EDT 2004

> OK, here's the most recent version of this work.  It's looking pretty
> good.  I've implemented Kenneth's suggestion to drop or extend frames if
> we're grossly out of a/v sync.  In doing this I merged the VTAVSync and
> ExAVSync member functions (and their Init and Shutdown counterparts)
> into one set of functions, making for a lot less (poorly-)replicated
> code in NuppelVideoPlayer.
> If nobody has any further comments, Isaac, please consider this for
> inclusion.
In your original mail, you talked about a callback to allow displaying each
field of an interlaced video sequentially. Is this already included ?


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