[mythtv] Norwegian translation in works

Haakon Innerdal haakon at visbook.no
Wed Jul 14 06:44:14 EDT 2004

Hi, I'm currently working on a Norwegian translation of mythtv, current 
status is that mythdvd and mythmusic is 100% complete, and about ~300 
strings in mythfrontend left to be translated.

I'm just a coder, not a professional translator or perfect speller, but it 
is done because of my greater plan to "test-mythtv-on-my-girlfriend" ;-) 

Just wondering if some notes could be added to the wiki about translation, 
how to do it properly, how to submit and so on...

Currently I'm taking Swedish .ts files, renames them to _no.ts, and 
translates them to norwegian, producing _no.ts and _no.qm with 
"linguist" (having both english and a scandinavian language as a 
base makes the translation very easy and fast) probably a wrong way to do 
it... but hey...

So, when I'm finished, how do I publish this to mythtv-development? as a 
(there is some translation in the menu -xml files as well)
How do I check the translation against current cvs? (Beeing a translator 
noob, how do I generate those .ts files from source? and possibly merge 
it against existing translations?)

Such questions and answers would be nice to have on the wiki.

Kind regards, Haakon. and thanks for MythTV! Great work!

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