[mythtv] audio problem in myth playback

David Beccue David.mythtv at Beccue.com
Mon Jul 12 19:47:30 EDT 2004

When I play certain transcoded files back in mythtv, the audio is
garbled in spots, and possibly the video goes slightly slower (which
might be why it's garbled as the audio tries to slow down, but I'm not
sure about this point).

In any case, some of the MPEG4 transcoded recordings definitely sound
bad in places, just short of indiscernable speech.

If I try playing this same transcoded file from the cmdline using
mplayer, it plays just fine, without any audio problems at all.  I've   
even tried using each of the video and audio codecs in mplayer, and
couldn't get it to fail similarly in mplayer.

Does anyone have any ideas what's going on here?  Or, more importantly,
how I can fix this?


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