[mythtv] [PATCH] MythVideo cd support

Xavier Hervy maxpower44 at tiscali.fr
Mon Jul 12 08:05:26 EDT 2004

J. Donavan Stanley wrote:

> Xavier Hervy wrote:
>> Finaly Thor is very busy with mfd yet then you should be the main dev 
>> on mythvideo. It's why i would like to have your opinion on these 
>> point of view:
> Hrm, I'll talk with Thor I guess.  I really only got involved with all 
> this because it tied so tight with the media monitor and I'd been 
> dinking with MythVideo lately.
>> - modify mythdvd to use media monitor, then user don't need to specify 
>> what is the device for playing vcd / dvd.
>> - same in myth music
> It'd be nice if they could be made aware "hey a disk you care about was 
> just stuck in drive X" but I don't see a need to remove the user 
> specification, especially for those that don't use MM.

Remove user specification could be usefull for new user of mythtv. They 
will start plugin and it's work without a lot of configuration.
>> - same in mythgallery (but here we should implement the multi media 
>> handler for the same kind of media)
> This is going to end up involving multiple handlers for the same media 
> type..
>> That can be a problem if media monitor don't work very well for few users
> That's why it should only augment not replace.
What we can do is :
if media monitor is enabled don't take care about dvd/cd device or 
import picture path that are define by user. then that works fine if you 
use or not the media monitor.

>> For mythvideo now :
>> - add the capability for a user to enter a human readable name for cds
> There's a mythdialog function for getting text from the user now.
>> - capability to copy video in from cd to hard drive
> And music files for MM and images of the gallery....
>> - Change parental level. I would like to have parental level grab from 
>> imdb/allocine. in french/france we have more leval than 4.
>> we have "Children can watch", nothing, "more than 10 years old", "more 
>> than 12 years old", "more than 14 years old", "more than 16 years 
>> old", "more than 18 years old" which i can enumerate from 1 to 8. then 
>> 4 is not enough i probably look in database to have the max level 
>> instead of take 4 as the max level. grab this information will be 
>> naturally optionnal.
> I've been toying with some sort of automatic parental level.  I don't 
> know that you'd need more than 4 levels in your typical household.  I 
> personly only use 3: Stuff that's ok for my daughter to watch, Stuff 
> thats not ok for her to watch but ok for other adults, stuff that's 
> private.
> I'd like to see parental controls integrated into myth proper so that 
> channels and the like can have parental levels. Though it's not been 
> important enough to me to look into it.
To be straightforward, i don't use more than 4 level. levels that i 
mention is level define by the CSA (MPAA for france). that means it's 
the same parental level that we can found in xmltv. It's why i would 
like to include it.
"stuff that's private" is a other concept. We can have a lot of user in 
the same lan who can share or not content (music, picture or video)

>> - merging videogallery and videotree: videotree is the same as 
>> videogallery except that it allow to browse file system (it's easy to 
>> do it in videogallery) and what is displayed is not a list of poster 
>> but just a list of title/filename.
> And this is the kind of thing where I have to step back and say "that's 
> not my call to make".  Though the existing tree fits in with the rest of 
> the myth UI better.
Here, i should admit that i don't understand what you mean ;-)
>> - merging videogallery and videobrowser: videobrowser is the same as 
>> videogallery (in flat mode) except that it show only one item per page 
>> and it display all information about a video.
> I'd have to see how you replace it, but the video browser is the ONLY 
> way I browse videos.  I'm not sure I'd want it changed unless there was 
> a good reason to do so.
Not sure i will do it, and if i do it, users that use browser wont lost 
the fonctionnality. but merging it allow to swith betwen browser mode 
and other mode easily without losing the context. it's mean that if you 
are in gallery mode and a particular video have focus when you will 
switch to browser mode the same video will be displayed (without closing
and open a new dialog and without load again the video list from the 
Example : if you choose to group by genre, you will see something like 
this :
if you go in action "virtual folder", you will see the list of video 
that are action movie. If you switch to browser mode it's like you have 
filter by genre = action (without open dialog filter)

If you don't like it you just made no group by and put the browser mode 
by default.


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