[mythtv] [PATCH] MythVideo cd support

Xavier Hervy maxpower44 at tiscali.fr
Mon Jul 12 07:12:26 EDT 2004

>>For mythvideo now :
>>- add the capability for a user to enter a human readable name for cds
>>- capability to copy video in from cd to hard drive
>>- Change parental level. I would like to have parental level grab from
>>imdb/allocine. in french/france we have more leval than 4.
>>we have "Children can watch", nothing, "more than 10 years old", "more
>>than 12 years old", "more than 14 years old", "more than 16 years old",
>>"more than 18 years old" which i can enumerate from 1 to 8. then 4 is
>>not enough i probably look in database to have the max level instead of
>>take 4 as the max level. grab this information will be naturally optionnal.
>>- merging videogallery and videotree: videotree is the same as
>>videogallery except that it allow to browse file system (it's easy to do
>>it in videogallery) and what is displayed is not a list of poster but
>>just a list of title/filename.
>>- merging videogallery and videobrowser: videobrowser is the same as
>>videogallery (in flat mode) except that it show only one item per page
>>and it display all information about a video.
>>- then we can remove the main video menu to directly show the new
>>videogallery and add a button in videogallery menu to open videomanager.
> I think some kind of merge would be very nice. I have stopped using the 
> browser completely because it is impossible to navigate when you have a few 
> series with a few hundred episodes and a bunch of movies. I use the Video 
> List for there I get some kind of stucture to everything. Though I miss not 
> seeing all the information about movies. And I don't se why the Video Manger 
> is neccesery when it should be just as easy to incoperate its functionality 
> in the browser or the list och a merged version.
>>For MythDVD :
>>- I would like to have a dvd collection too in mythdvd. I'm thinking
>>about extend what already exist (with my patch) for dvd. it means that
>>mythdvd should use videometadata. What about merging mythvideo and mythdvd
> This is also great. The DVD-module only starts a program anyway.

Don't forget that mythdvd can ripp too.  it's not "just" a module that 
"starts a program" ;-)
> Good work.
> Mattias
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