[mythtv] new nVidia drivers and XvMC

Thomas "fake" Jakobi fake at rapidnetworks.de
Sun Jul 11 21:33:06 EDT 2004


On Sunday 11 July 2004 03:22, John Patrick Poet wrote:
> I tested your hypothesis.  I recompiled Myth with OpenGL disabled, and
> retested XvMC and XvmcUsesTextures.
> Indeed, the consistant/fast studder went away.  OSD was as bad as ever,
> though.

enabling XvmcUsesTextures didn't change a thing with my osd related live-tv 
behaviour, though i use hardwarecodedosd - BUT:

the blue line on top of my tv i used to kill with xvattr XV_COLORKEY settings 
(when i had a gf2 != xvmc in the myth box) which i couln't get rid of with 
xvmc (despite horrend overscanning ;) is finally GONE! 


my opengl sync is switched off btw.


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