[mythtv] Moving to Qt 3.2?

Jarod Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Sat Jul 10 20:54:12 EDT 2004

On Jul 10, 2004, at 09:57, Derek Atkins wrote:

> Jon Burgess <mythtv at jburgess.uklinux.net> writes:
>> Back when I was using FC1 I got my Qt update along with the KDE-3.2
>> packages (as mentioned by another poster).
>> The KDE download site has KDE-3.2.3 and Qt-3.3 packages for Suse-9.0 
>> & 9.1
>> http://www.kde.org/download/
> I personally do not like pulling down non-vendor-distributed RPMs on
> my stable systems to "upgrade" vendor-distributed RPMs.  It's an easy
> way to completely destabilize your system, and I've seen more people
> screw themselves by doing this.  Not that I'm saying the KDE-3.2
> RPMs will screw users, but in general suggesting that it's ok to
> upgrade vendor RPMs from a non-vendor source is just Bad JuJu.

Depends on the source. I know several repos rather well, and trust 
their content (for example, I have an RHEL3 workstation machine running 
KDE 3.2 from kde-redhat). I wouldn't upgrade packages from just 
anywhere. Packages that upgrade vendor-distributed packages definitely 
have to be created with great care, or yes, very bad things can happen. 
The biggest problems come from packages that hose dependencies other 
packages have on specific versions of the package you just upgraded. 
Typically, if there's a compat lib package, you'll be fine, but ymmv, 
know your source, etc...

As for stability, you're already installing lots of 
non-vendor-distributed stuff on a Myth box. If Qt 3.2+ will serve to 
greatly enhance the Myth experience, either because of new end-user 
features or developer-level features, I'm all for it (assuming of 
course that it doesn't introduce stability issues).

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE
jcw at wilsonet.com

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