[mythtv] bug in mythtranscode, does not update filesizes

Ben de Luca (bedel) bend at bedel.mine.nu
Sat Jul 10 20:45:40 EDT 2004

Hey Guys,
	I just found this bug. After transcoding the new filesize doesn't get 
updated in the recorded table.

from the  backend log

2004-07-11 04:22:33 Transcoding 
/mnt/store//1004_20040710223000_20040710232500.nuv done

looking at my filesystem
mythbackend store # ls -lha 1004_20040710223000_20040710232500.nuv
-rw-r--r--  1 root root 1.2G Jul 11 04:22 

and looking at the line from the db
  select title,filesize,chanid,starttime from recorded where 
chanid="1004" ;

| NCS: Manhunt                          | 2636578140 |   1004 | 
2004-07-10 22:30:00 |

I plan on droping this in the bugzilla db

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