[mythtv] new nVidia drivers and XvMC

Daniel Thor Kristjansson danielk at cat.nyu.edu
Sat Jul 10 19:24:47 EDT 2004

]With XvMC and XvmcUsesTextures enabled, the reaction to OSD is about the
]same.  The problem is, normal video has a constant studder to it.  The
]studder is very consistant, and very fast.  Like a 30th/sec pause, jump,
]30th/sec pause, jump, etc, etc, etc.  I suppose that it is very
]consitant may be a good sign -- you might be able to tune it somehow to
]fix the problem.

Thanks. If we fix the studder, OSD may be better with this method,
since it seems about the same now with the studder. The studder could be
some kind of conflict between the OpenGL frame syncing and the use of
the OpenGL pipeline for compositing. Maybe we wait for the same retrace

-- Daniel

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