[mythtv] bilingual/SAP support

Stephane Zermatten szermatt at gmx.net
Sat Jul 10 07:53:28 EDT 2004

I've been working on a patch for mythtv that makes it possible to record
and watch bilingual broadcasts. The idea is to record both languages on
the hard disk and then let users choose the language while they're
watching. This works both when watching live tv as when watching

Currently, this only works with PVR250/350 with an alpha version of the
ivtv driver. That's why I'm not posting it as patch over CVS yet; I'm
waiting for the new version of the driver to be released. 
In theory, it could be possible to support that with other cards and 
outputs (it won't work over PVR350 TV-out), but a PVR250 is all I have... 

Yet if someone is interested and is brave enough to install a
development version of the ivtv driver to try it out, I'd love to
have some feedback. 

This web page contains the patch over mythtv 0.15 and some usage 

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