[mythtv] gcc 3.4 (i think?) compile fixes

Andrew Mahone andrew.mahone at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 06:42:49 EDT 2004

A few things I came across while recompiling mythtv and plugins recently:

videoselected.cpp and videogallery.cpp have undefined functions, fixed
by including <math.h>

weather.cpp, line 617: accidBreaks[curLetter + 26] needs cast to
streampos to avoid compile error

I believe the latter is due to newer gcc being a bit more picky about
potentially ambiguous function/operator overloads, I'm not sure if the
mythvideo problems are related to my recent compiler upgrade or not.

That's all I've got for now, mythgame, mythbrowser, and mythgallery
gave me no trouble.  Sorry about the lack of patch, but I don't have
an easy way to get them attached to this email right now.  If they're
really needed, I can send some later (from home), but these are both
easy edits.

I don't use the other modules, except mythmusic, with which I'm having
other issues (trying to coerce goom into being PIC-friendly).
Andrew Mahone
andrew DOT mahone AT gmail DOT com

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