[mythtv] [PATCH] OSD TT Font

Harry Orenstein ho_9 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 8 20:22:37 EDT 2004

>I really, really, really need to either get all these patches cleared out 
>my tree, or actually test what I drag out of it. It should be enough to add
>the qregexp.h include to that file. For completeness, I've attached a new
>patch. Actually compile tested these, and fixed some warnings.
><< osdtheme-font-color.patch >>
><< osd-ttfont-color.patch >>
>mythtv-dev mailing list
>mythtv-dev at mythtv.org


Success!!  I now have green text for my channel number!  There
seems to be a bit of text smearing, but I think that is due to the
fact that the OSD program info display is blue and I have set
100% green for the channel number text (#00FF00).

I have noticed one problem so far: if I set 100% red for the
scroller text font color (#FF0000) the text smear across the
screen for the first half of the screen from right to left as it scrolls
across.  It looks like a bunch of thin vertical lines left behind as
the text passes by.  It disappears when the scroller background
disappears after the scroll text is done.

Do you have any suggestions of what and how to test your mod?
The green channel number was the only thing I was really looking
to try, so I don't think I'm giving the code much of a workout.

Thanks again!

-- Harry O.

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