[mythtv] dvb-t confusion

Jukka Tastula jukka.tastula at kotinet.com
Thu Jul 8 18:24:11 EDT 2004

On Friday 09 July 2004 00:29, Kenneth Aafl°y wrote:

> What you enter with the remote during LiveTV?

Okay. I never got that working right with the analog card I had because if 
I set the channel numbers to 1,2,3 and so on it wouldn't tune the channels 
correctly anymore. I had to set them to what xawtv thought they were like 
E4, SE12 etc and then I couldn't really enter "SE12" with the remote... 

> teletext and subtitles will screw with your setup and is not supported
> yet, and I belive this is mention in the howto that is here (down today
> it seems): http://www.ethics-gradient.net/myth

Too bad that the main national broadcaster has chosen to use dvb subtitles 
exclusively... guess I'll just have those in analog for now then. That's 
an excellent howto btw (got me this far), but the "the hard way" part made 
my head hurt instantly. There's just something so unnatural about those 
mysql commands I can't stand looking at them :)

[recording profiles]
> I don't use it, but it is for transcoding, isn't it? LiveTV won't be
> affected by these settings then offcourse.

Okay, I'll accept that then. Just that when using an analog card those 
settings do affect livetv and recordings encoding settings, as everything 
is encoded (according to those settings) because you can't exactly expect 
anyone's hdd to be able to write (and also read at the same time in case 
of live tv watching) raw rgb.

> > >02:23:00 DVB#0 WARNING - Unsupported code_rate_hp option.
> > >02:23:00 DVB#0 WARNING - Unsupported constellation parameter.
> > What are these two about? 2/3 should be very much legal value for HP
> > Coderate and QAM 64 for constellation.
> Your card/frontend does not support the options you entered in the
> channel configuration, they will default to auto.

That's scary, can it still work anyway? Or does it just get that same info 
from FEC and modulation instead then?

> > Too bad it does't tell me which frequency that is
> Doesn't it do that with 'mythbackend -v channel' ?

Sure does now and everything appears to be right. Those "unsupported 
option/parameter" messages still don't feel good though.

> I guess you should fix your reception as a first priority. If you tell
> your location and cardtype, maybe someone with the same DVB-T card could
> give you a pointer on high the card dependent signal/noise/strength
> settings should be. But I would guess 3/4th is something to aim for.

It's one of those "cheapest you can possibly hope to find" chaintech 
dtt-1000 dvb-t cards. I seriously doubt there's anyone from this area 
reading this list, with such a card, especially as they just started 
broadcasting like a week ago :)

I'll try get one of those set top boxes and try if the reception is even 
enough for those as I understand they can usually work with weaker signal 
than pci cards, or is that just some hauppauge nova-t bug? 

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