[mythtv] [PATCH] Manage recordings screen

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Jul 8 16:41:46 EDT 2004

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

> This patch changes the Delete Recordings screen to Manage Recordings 
> and modifies the action menus accordingly.
> - The language translations for "Manage" need to be updated for all 
> languages other than English
> - Watch Recordings INFO menu consists only of Play and Cancel now
> - Manage Recordings INFO menu consists of Stop Recording, toggle Auto 
> Expire, Change Recording Group, Edit Recording Schedule, Start/Stop 
> Transcode, and Start/Stop Commercial Flag.
> - Play is only available on Watch and Delete is only available on Manage
> - SELECT will Play on Watch and Delete on Manage
> If this is acceptable and is applied, then I'll resubmit my patches 
> for Play from Beginning and Clear Bookmarks on the Watch Recordings 
> screen.  Any suggestions as to other arrangements of buttons are of 
> course welcome.  I think maybe it would be nice to see a "Jump to 
> Manage" button from the Watch screen and visa-versa to ease the 
> transition for users accustomed to all the items on one menu.
So the general consensus here is:

- Add Delete as an option on the INFO menu

Was there others that most people agreed on?  Should there be some way 
to quickly jump between watch and manage screens from that menu?


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