[mythtv] [PATCH] MythVideo cd support

Xavier Hervy maxpower44 at tiscali.fr
Thu Jul 8 16:21:13 EDT 2004

I send the last version of my patch.

I receives some mail that said "Your patch don't work for me" then I 
should specify that this patch should be applied on a recent cvs version 
because mediamonitor have change last week. However you should build 
mythmusic and mythdvd too.

Apply dialog_mediamonitoring.diff on mythtv tree.
Apply mythvideocdsupport.diff on mythvideo tree.
copy videoutils.h and cpp in mythvideo directory.

Don't forget to build AND install mythtv before building mythvideo.

What do this patch :
- add the capability to open video menu / video browser / video list / 
video gallery / video manager when a cd/dvd Data is inserted.
- Add capability to play movie on cd/dvd Data.
- build a collection of you cd/dvd data.
- Menu in videogallery have change, you can directlty filtering database
with this new menu without open my dirty filter dialog.
- In videogallery you can also group movie by category, genre, country,
year, storage and/or file path. (three group by is the maximum)
- When you watch a video, a new flag lasteen is update then you could 
filter by last time seen criteria.
- In video list, you can switch between  "Video list browse files" 
on/off (it take car about password)
- in video list with Video list browse files turn on, you should be able 
to watch you cd / dvd data (if one is in the drive and video list is 
refresh i you insert a cd /dvd data.
- in video list with Video list browse files turn off, the tree is 
display as in video gallery i.e it take care about filter and how you 
want to group your videos.
- In video browser / list / gallery, if you try to watch a video on a cd 
/dvd data, mythvideo will ask you to insert the good cd.
- You should be able to play videos that are in two cds, mythvideo will 
prompt you when needed.
- If you have two or more cd drive, you can put the both in each cd 
drive, they will be played without trouble.

Of course to use this patch you should activate media monitor.

Any comment about this stuff ?

What I plan to do after this patch is applied :
- modify mythdvd to use media monitor, then user don't need to specify 
what is the device for playing vcd / dvd.
- same in myth music
That can be a problem if media monitor don't work very well for few 
users :(
For mythvideo now :
- add the capability for a user to enter a human readable name for cds
- capability to copy video in from cd to hard drive
- Change parental level. I would like to have parental level grab from 
imdb/allocine. in french/france we have more leval than 4.
we have "Children can watch", nothing, "more than 10 years old", "more 
than 12 years old", "more than 14 years old", "more than 16 years old", 
"more than 18 years old" which i can enumerate from 1 to 8. then 4 is 
not enough i probably look in database to have the max level instead of 
take 4 as the max level. grab this information will be naturally optionnal.

- I would like to have a dvd collection too in mythdvd. I'm thinking 
about extend what already exist (with my patch) for dvd. it means that 
mythdvd should use videometadata. What about merging mythvideo and mythdvd ?

comment about my todo list are welcome too.


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