[mythtv] [PATCH] Mythtv: Create XML menus dynamically

joel at tamkin.net joel at tamkin.net
Thu Jul 8 15:26:08 EDT 2004

Attached is a patch (works against both the 4/04 and latest CVS version
of the file).  It allows for multiple <action> definitions in xml menu
files.  Please consider for introduction into CVS.

To use, simply add something like the following to a button definition:

<action>EXEC /path/to/my/xml_generation_script</action>
<action>MENU scriptoutput.xml</action>

The EXEC Actions will be performed sequentially.  A single MENU entry
should be last.  As far as I can tell, any additional actions after a
MENU entry will be ignored as the user navigates away.  Please correct
me if I'm wrong here.

I also made some modifications that keep mythfrontend from exiting
completely upon reading a malformed .xml menu - something accentuated by
the new scriptabilty.  Instead it presents a "bad menu" dialog and
returns to the main menu.

Also, thanks to the developer who fixed the unexpected behavior I
mentioned last night.

Joel Tamkin
(Joel at Tamkin dot net)
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