[mythtv] [PATCH] Mythweb: Music

Corey Woodworth cdwom at mpinet.net
Wed Jul 7 17:57:43 EDT 2004

Sounds absolutely amazing. Can't wait to try it out.

Jason Donahue wrote:

>First off, let me apologize for the size of this patch. I started out with
>a few changes...and it quickly grew. I hope this doesn't rub anyone wrong,
>or keep it from getting accepted. - I had to gzip the patch because it was
>just over the 40k size limit for the mailing list.
>With that out of the way, let me explain what my patch does.
>1. Adds the ability to search through your music collection. This includes
>an advanced search link to filter what you want to search (Artist, Title,
>or Album)
>2. Adds the ability to Browse the collection by Artist, Album, Title, or
>Genre. Browsing is context aware: browsing Artists gives you total
>songs/albums by each artist, browsing albums gives you total
>tracks/playing time for each album.
>3. Adds configurable "Download" link to each song. Config allows you to
>enable/disable this, as well as specify download url (incase the files are
>on a different physical server)
>4. Adds a special "Album" view when selecting an album. This view gives
>total playing time, adds a stream link (configurable), and allows for
>displaying of album covers, including support for scripts that
>auto-downloading the covers. IThis has been tested with a script mention
>in the new config.
>5. Adds "playlist" view, similar to "Album" view which displays the
>playlist contents, total playing time, and a (configurable) stream link.
>6. The "stream" link is done by generating "on-the-fly" an m3u file, and
>pushing it out. The m3u then fetches the mp3s via http. MY cable provider
>throttles my upload speed, and even throttled, I have plenty of bandwidth
>to sustain multiple streams.
>I also plan on adding more playlist functionality, i.e. create playlists,
>and edit them. but I decided not to keep going as the code is already
>quite extensive.
>Anyone interested in "beta" testing my code can see it here:
>For obvious reasons, I have disabled the stream, and download links, as
>well as anything not related to mythmusic.
>Your (constructive) criticism is welcome.
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