[mythtv] [PATCH] Manage recordings screen

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Wed Jul 7 07:31:39 EDT 2004

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

> This patch changes the Delete Recordings screen to Manage Recordings 
> and modifies the action menus accordingly.
> - The language translations for "Manage" need to be updated for all 
> languages other than English
> - Watch Recordings INFO menu consists only of Play and Cancel now
> - Manage Recordings INFO menu consists of Stop Recording, toggle Auto 
> Expire, Change Recording Group, Edit Recording Schedule, Start/Stop 
> Transcode, and Start/Stop Commercial Flag.
> - Play is only available on Watch and Delete is only available on Manage
> - SELECT will Play on Watch and Delete on Manage
> If this is acceptable and is applied, then I'll resubmit my patches 
> for Play from Beginning and Clear Bookmarks on the Watch Recordings 
> screen.  Any suggestions as to other arrangements of buttons are of 
> course welcome.  I think maybe it would be nice to see a "Jump to 
> Manage" button from the Watch screen and visa-versa to ease the 
> transition for users accustomed to all the items on one menu.
Well personally I don't mind about all the other options because I agree
that the menu was getting a bit large, but removing the Delete from that
menu does bother me a bit. For me my normal way of using MythTV is:
- sit down on the couch
- grab remote
- go to Watch Recordings
- watch whatever I like
- delete what I just watched

I think that having to go to another screen and look for the program I
just watched to delete it makes it way too difficult to use.
And I don't have a Delete button on my remote so that's not an option
either. (Almost the only buttons we use here are INFO, ESC, UP, DOWN,

And if the _only_ option that has been taken from the Manage Recordings
screen is the Play option I would rather just stick it back and use
MangeRecordings from now on as my main screen.

Another option would be to have some simple way to switch between the
two screens while your currently selected program remains selected but
that sounds a bit like a hack. Besides the fact that deleting a program
would now take even more steps.

So I guess I would suggest at least to put the most used options on the
Watch Recordings screen and put anything else on the Manage Recordings
screen. But I see no easy solution for the fact that if you are in the
Watch screen and decide you want to start transcoding that you have to
go to another screen and look for the same recording there to do it.

Are we sure that making an "Advanced Options" item in the menu isn't
much eaier?


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