[mythtv] tips on QScrollView

Gary Lerhaupt gary at lerhaupt.com
Wed Jul 7 01:09:29 EDT 2004

I'm wanting to create a singular text area that is up/down scrollable to
handle more text than a single dialog box can hold.  This is for
torrentocracy (do you guys mind if I discuss a little devel here?) so
that the 2nd page can show a whole RSS entry.  I took a look at some of
the mythbrowser code which uses QScrollView but it's not readily
apparent to me.  Plus, I'm also interested to know how one might control
this through the ui.xml file.

For now, I've just tried adding this to UpdateContentView in order to at
least get something to show, but no luck.  I admit, I'm ignorant here.

 QScrollView* view = new QScrollView(this);
 QLabel* child1 = new QLabel("CHILD", view->viewport());
 child1->setText("HELLO WORLD");


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