[mythtv] mythtv on PPC machine

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Tue Jul 6 21:48:46 EDT 2004

> Yes, there was -DMMX defined in the Makefile, removing that fixed that 
> issue.
> I seem to be missing something in the build process. Is there a global 
> config
> file that qmake uses to set these flags? i.e -DMMX -altivec

	Yes. In the toplevel source directory, settings.pro.
Up near the top of that file you will see a block
release {

which contains some platform-specific stuff. If you are using
the latest version of the file (i.e. from CVS) you will see
some macx { blocks which help the source compile on OS X.
You will need to add similar blocks for ppc compilation.
You will also need to add DEFINES += WORDS_BIGENDIAN
(I have not created endian-ness patches for MacOS X yet)

> Why hasn't ./configure picked up my platform properly anyway.

	MythTv uses Qt and qmake for its configuration,
which are not "automatic". Configure is only used
for two of the libraries that MythTV uses (libav*).

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