[mythtv] [PATCH] OSD TT Font

Kenneth Aafl°y lists at kenneth.aafloy.net
Tue Jul 6 10:35:36 EDT 2004


Here is some changes for the OSD TTFont class. I've moved the shadow drawing 
to before outline, so the shadow is underneath everything else. And I have 
also added methods for specifying colors for the font itself, outline and 
shadow. I kept the original interface almost identical, so you will not see 
much change for the OSD as is, but I need this functionality for a new 
OSDType, that I will submit sometime in the near future.

There is a minor problem with drawing the color of the fonts, in that there 
will be some distortion by grey color values sneaking in here and there, but 
since no current OSDType is using the color interface, I can see no harm in 
commiting this. I belive that this is caused by the blendcolor function in 
blend.c, but I have not been able to correct this myself, if someone could 
take a look at this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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